Discover an amazing long-travel bike ride : les Chemins du Soleil, 1200 km of mountain bike trails across the french "pre" Alps ! We provide detailled information for every stage : map, gpx track, description, roadbook, accomodation... Download your roadbook and let's go for an unforgettable ride !

We prepared MTB trips ideas for 3-to-7 days on the different areas of Chemins du Soleil and provides detailled day-by-day roadbook with every information you will need to easily organize a MTB trip with friends. Pick one, download the roadbook and enjoy riding in wide-open spaces !

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Long-travel mountain bike rides are not always an easy journey ! Check our advices before setting off for a long bike ride on Chemins du Soleil : long-travel trips tips, difficulty of the trails, food and water supplies, weather, signposting, ... and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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