A long-travel mountain bike trail across the Pre-Alps

Chemins du Soleil offers a twofold opportunity to discover the wilds of the Pre-Alps :

  • From the Rhône valley to the Alpes-de-Provence (Valence – Gap – Sisteron)

Following the route of a classic mountain bike rally, the Valence-Gap-Sisteron trail takes you through the vineyards of Die, among the foothills of the Vercors. A short detour into the Dévoluy mountains brings you to the valleys around Gap. Then southward through the region of Buëch, a Provençal paradise of the mountain bike, and on towards Sisteron, a gateway to Provence. Between Valence and Gap, the route takes you through several valleys that present no particular technical problems.

  • From Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean (Grenoble – Nice)

From the hills over Lake Geneva, facing Mont Blanc, all the way to the Côte d'Azur, the successive landscapes differ greatly. After the two parts of Savoie, the Chartreuse and Vercors ranges are rough, wooded, and riven by deep gorges. In the Pre-Alps of Provence there are vines, rich soil and valleys. The route runs along high ledges, and becomes progressively more technical. It will leave your head swimming with shimmering images.

More than 1,200 km of mountain bike trails have been charted "by mountain bikers, for mountain bikers". This journey is one of a kind, with its numerous well-signposted single tracks, straightforward uphill stretches and exhilarating (sometimes technical) downhill sections. These are the Sun Trails.

This site provides you with concrete information, so you needn't rely on improvisation :

- Full description of every stage,

- Map and profile,

- Roadbook

- GPX tracks

- Accomodation fitting long travel mountain bikers needs

- Shops and usefull service providers

- Touristic points of interest...

You can download every information in a "PDF" file, get tge GPX tracks for free and/or save it in "My account" to easily find it again !

Raid VTT "Chemins du Soleil" :

In 2014, 12th edition of the famous VTT raid "Chemins du Soleil" will take place between Gap and Die, from Mai 29th to June 1st, with more than 240 km and 8200 of vertical climb in 3 days for the "Elite" raid and a bit less for "Rando" raid.

It is considered as an "extreme" trial because of the very tough vertical climb.

More information : http://www.raid-vtt.fr/


Map of Chemins du Soleil MTB trails

Parce qu’une itinérance ne s’improvise pas, vous retrouverez toutes les informations pour préparer facilement votre voyage dans les "fiches étapes" :

- Descriptif complet des étapes,

- Tracé et profil,

- Feuille de route

- Traces GPS

- Hébergements adaptés aux besoins des VTTistes itinérants

- Commerces et services utiles

- Points d'intérêt touristique

Vous pouvez exporter toutes ces informations en "PDF" et/ou sauvegarder les étapes dans "Mon compte" pour les retrouver facilement sur le terrain !

Le Raid VTT "Chemins du Soleil"

Le raid VTT « Chemins du Soleil » se déroulera du 25 au 28 mai 2017 entre Taulignan et Gap, avec plus de 240 km et 8800 mètres de dénivelés sur les 3 jours pour le raid "Elite",  et un tout petit moins pour la version "Rando" raid.

Cette épreuve est organisée par l'association Raid VTT, en partenariat étroit avec le Département de la Drôme et de la ville de Gap. Ce raid est considéré comme "extrême" du fait de la dénivelée très importante.

Plus d’infos : http://www.raid-vtt.fr/