The lavender blossoming season

The weather – a decisive factor

The lavender harvest follows certain climatic principles. The effect of rainfall is important: a lengthy period of dry weather will bring the harvest forward by several days, and vice versa. Local Offices du Tourisme can provide all the information you need.

Lavender flowers between the end of June and late August, though the period varies according to the variety, the climate, the altitude and the latitude. Local weather conditions are also important.

Map of lavender blossoming for main production areas


Estimated datas, climate has a strong influence on lavender flowering...

  • Between the Drôme-Die valley and Haut-Buëch, around Crest, flowering takes place between mid-June and late July. In the Haut-Diois and Haut-Buëch it lasts until the start of August. In places such as Chamaloc, Valdrôme and La Faurie, distillation can continue beyond 15th August.
  • In the southern plains of the Drôme, hybrid lavender begins flowering in mid-June around Grignan and Tricastin, and continues until mid-July on the higher ground of Vinsobres and Roche Saint-Secret.
  • Des Baronnies au Buëch : la lavande fleurit à partir de fin juin dans la vallée du Buëch. Et à partir de début juillet dans les secteurs les plus élevés (Laborel, Mévouillon). La récolte peut avoir lieu jusqu’à début août. Et la distillation, selon les méthodes, jusqu’à fin août.
  • Between Ventoux, Luberon and Lure, flowering in the Apt area starts in mid-June. Around Forcalquier and on the Albion plateau it lasts until mid-August.
  • Between Haute-Provence and the Verdon, flowering starts around Valensole in mid-June. Around Digne and the Haut-Verdon, it continues up to the middle of August.
  • In the Préalpes d'Azur, and around Grasse, which is the historical centre of lavender production in Provence, the wild variety dominates, other than on the Caussol plateau. But this type of lavender is no longer widely harvested, which means that from the end of June onward the hillsides remain deep blue.