A voyage of discovery!

From the Drôme to the Alpes-Maritimes, via the Hautes-Alpes, the Vaucluse and the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the Lavender Routes take you round an exceptional, extraordinary region.

Lavender, with its heady s cent and sought-after properties, is cultivated by people who are happy to share its history and legends. Following these routes, you'll discover its secrets in the heart of a territory with an exceptional natural environment and cultural heritage.

You'll become familiar with lavender in all its guises: its producers and refiners, exhibitions and museums – not forgetting the different festivals and gastronomic delights. There are more than 70 places to visit, and some 40 possibilities for accommodation. This is a unique experience, centred on a plant that's equally unique.

You can travel on Routes de la Lavande at your own pace and depending on your interests. We propose to discover Alps and Provence, by car, moto or cycle, along a long route  divided in 6 "stages"

It's the northern part of lavender production area, along the river Drôme... 166 km

Next to Parc Naturel du Vercors, you'll look for high altitud lavender often located far from cities and main roads. Along the Drôme river and its perched villages, passionate producers jealously guards rare varieties of lavender while others creates recipes for the greatest joy of gourmet or to offer a modern aromatherapy.

Between vallée du Rhône and the foothills of Pre Alps, in a very rich "terroir", 133 km

With Mont Ventoux as a cynosure, the route goes through the backroads between large areas of lavender, in the heart of an exceptionnal "terroir" : Montélimar nougat to Nyons olive oil, and local wines from "Enclaves des Papes" before arriving to the famous Château de Grignan...

Deep inside an area with a strong identity, between Vaison-la-Romaine & Sisteron, 214 km

Baronnies is a mountain territory with a strong "identity", marked by the lavender as a symbol. From Vaison-la-Romaine to Sisteron, you will find lavender everywhere, from the plant, skillfully cultivated on the hills to houses insulation, lavender bouquets and of course essential oil making...

From the Popes' Provence to Luberon and its beautiful hilltop villages, 199 km

In Luberon, between mystical abbeys, medieval village and golden ochres, lavender fill inside a colors and scents mosaïc. At the foot of Ventoux mountains, for as far as the eye can see large fields of lavender call back to Giono's Provence : strong, proud and perfumed...

A Provence "concentrate" between Alps and Durance, 185 km

Between Manosque and Castellane, from Valensole plateau and its "lavender sea" to the fine lavender of Digne and Verdon, it's a "concentrate" of Provence ! In this area perfect for relaxing, you'll be easily tempted by a wellness time... or a walk around Sainte-Croix lake.

Back to the roots of lavender in the world capital of perfume, 70 km

Back to the roots ! This is where the story began... A visit to the world capital city of perfumery helps to understand the fantastic history of lavender in Provence. From Séranon to Gourdon, it's with a sea view that you'll finish your journey to the lavender world.

Les boucles découvertes

De nombreuses boucles de découverte agrémentent ce parcours pour vous permettre de vous immerger dans chacun des territoires que vous traversez. A pied, à vélo, à VTT ou sur la route, n’hésitez pas à suivre ces itinéraires pour en apprendre encore davantage sur les secrets de la lavande !

Au départ d'un lieu emblématique ou d'un site de visite, vivez l'expérience d'une immersion dans les paysages extraordinaires pour quelques heures.

D'une durée maximale d'une journée, ces boucles sont une invitation à la découverte d'un territoire d'exception et à la rencontre avec des professionnels passionnés.

N’hésitez pas à consulter les offices de tourisme et les adhérents partenaires. Ils pourront vous conseiller en fonction de la saison et de l’actualité culturelle, pour trouver l’itinéraire le plus adapté à vos envies

La lavande à pied

Parcourez les chemins de la lavande à votre rythme grâce à nos boucles découverte pédestre.

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La lavande à vélo

Découvrez la lavande en famille ou de manière plus sportive, avec nos boucles découverte à vélo !

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La lavande par la route

A moto ou en voiture, les plus belles routes pour une belle journée de découverte lavande !

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