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Les Routes de la Lavande : Between Vercors, Diois, Roanne and Buëch.

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  • Le Diois
    / Le Diois
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  • Chamaloc
    / Chamaloc
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  • La Gervanne
    / La Gervanne
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  • Routes de la Lavande - Drôme, Vercors et Buëch
    / Routes de la Lavande - Drôme, Vercors et Buëch
    Video: Grande Traversée des Alpes
Map / Les Routes de la Lavande : Between Vercors, Diois, Roanne and Buëch.
300 600 900 1200 1500 m km 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 Office de tourisme Cœur de Drôme - Bureau de Crest Musée Agricole, Industriel et Artisanal de la Vallée de la Gervanne Office de tourisme Cœur de Drôme - Bureau de Saillans Musée de la Clairette Huilerie de Denise et Christian Guion Gîte d'étape Le Lézard Vert Gîte de Ponet Distillerie des 4 Vallées Camping municipal de Justin Office de Tourisme du Pays Diois - bureau de Die Abbaye Notre-Dame de Valcroissant Bleudiois distillerie de lavande Camping le Moulin de Pradelle Ferme du Villard Les Lavandes Camping Les Hauts de Rosans Fête de la lavande

This is the northern most part of the production sector, from the Drôme river to the banks of the Buëch.
232.1 km
16:03 h
3486 m
2928 m
Flirting with the ridges of the Vercors, tasting the Clairette de Die (local wine), smelling the first scent of lavender... Provence is not very far but the Alps have not said their last word ! Undoubately, you are on the road of tastes and sensations.


With the Drôme river as a traveling companion, you will meet flowery fountains and astonishing distilleries, villages full of emotion and whole landscapes already touched by the sun of the South.

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Pollowing lavender obeys precise climatic rules. It depends on the hygrometry, that is to say on the humidity of the air. Clearly, a long period without rain can advance the harvest of a few days, while a thunderstorm can delay it by the same amount. Do not hesitate to inquire at the tourist offices of the areas you wish to visit.


The lavender flowering period extends from mid-June to the end of August.


It varies according to the varieties of lavender, the climate, altitude and latitude. Local weather is also a determining factor for picking. User
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Updated: June 20, 2018

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Watch out for parking when you stop near a field.


Those beautiful roads are frequented, park your vehicle in a suitable place.


Crest (188 m)
44.727431, 5.021471
31T 660076 4954659



Turn-by-turn directions

En Route !

From Crest, the Routes de la Lavande are an invitation to discover the riches of the Drôme Valley.

The magnificent medieval tower of Crest watches the beginning of the route. Leaving the Drôme river in Aouste/Sye, the route goes up the small valley of the Sye before switching in the Valley of Gervanne, jewels of the Vercors, land of  aromatic and medicinal plants cultivation.

Back close to the river Drôme, the lavandin fields will take you to the country of Clairette de Die (local wine) and into the Val de Quint, where the power of nature can be admired at the foot of the Porte d'Urle.

It is already time to go to the Gallo-Roman city of Die, not to mention a detour to Chamaloc, a small village surrounded by lavender fields ...

Leaving the beautiful city of Die, let's pass under the cliffs of Glandasse, emblematic mountain of the Diois. Then, it is time to reach the Roanne Valley by the Pennes pass (be careful, narrow passages).

In this part of the Drôme valley, the road takes a succession of small passes while following a beautiful small river with Mediterranean accents. Here, lavender is everywhere: from thalwegs to peaks, it colors the landscape like a mosaic !

After Saint Nazaire the Desert and its "little Paris" (no, you do not dream!), the road rises again to go to Drôme provençale, in the Vallée d'Oule. La Motte Chalancon welcomes you with its shops and its quasi-alpine atmosphere.

Joining La Charce, you can make a small detour through Valdrôme, another Mecca of the culture of Lavender in the Diois. Otherwise, go via Sainte-Marie to the col de la Fromagère or col de Pertus (depending on the slope), not to mention take a look at the village of Pommerol.

The route then enters the department of Hautes-Alpes and joins Rosans and its Square Tower - a village with unusual history without forgetting the cultivation of fine lavender - then continues until Gap, with a mandatory detour via La Faurie, to visit the organic distillery of Pusteaux.

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232.1 km
16:03 h
3486 m
2928 m
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